Why Super Slow Is Boring

I was watching a YouTube video the other day of this guy going through his morning mobility routine.

He’s a popular guy in the fitness industry so I thought I’d watch and see how he approaches it.

So he starts going through his routine and in the beginning its pretty similar to what I teach.

But as we get further into it, I realize he’s moving so slow.

Like painfully slow through every movement.

Of course he’s talking about why it’s important to move at this laughably slow pace because of this and that. 

And he’s throwing out all kinds of terms that let you know he reads a lot.

Now, I’m not going to tell you he’s wrong. Moving slowly through the drills does have some benefit to it.

But I do know that me, or my clients, aren’t going to spend 10 minutes going through a single set of shoulder circles moving at snail’s pace the whole time.

It’s silly. It’s boring. And it’s largely unnecessary. 

I’m not saying to go warp speed through your exercises but there’s no reason to go super slow either.

Keep a good pace through the drills. Keep your joints and your body moving.

Get a little sweat going and get some cardio benefit out of it.

Move at a pace that wakes your body up and gets you feeling energized.

Or you can go super slow and try not to fall asleep.

It doesn’t matter to me, you’ll benefit either way.

I just think you’ll get more out of doing it my way.

And you’ll be more likely to stick with it too.

– Dave D’Ambrosio