What is a Minimalist Athlete?

"It is vain to do with more what can be done with less." 

-Occam's Razor

The essence of the Minimalist Athlete is captured in the quote above by William of Occam.

We are all about simplicity - in training and in life.

In a world of infinite options and conflicting information, we strive to pare those options down to the simplest answer.

And according to Occam, "the simplest answer is most often correct."

Through the lens of Occam's Razor, the Minimalist Athlete is focused on three pillars.


The Minimalist Athlete trains to be strong.

We develop physical strength through minimalist strength training methods, like kettelbell and bodyweight training.

We build mental strength by focusing on strong habits and developing the discipline to follow those habits.


The Minimalist Athlete's focus is always on health.

We don't chase strength or physical goals at the exclusion of health.

We place an emphasis on mobility and flexibility.

We make sure to incorporate strength AND conditioning.

We eat a minimalist diet of whole foods.

We go outside in the sun, focus on sleep and recovery and drink lots of water.


The Minimalist Athlete's ultimate goal is optimal performance.

We lift, sprint, jump, throw medicine balls and stretch.

We walk, hike, swim, play and use our bodies for what they were designed for - movement and athleticism.

The Mission

‚ÄčThe goal of this site is to simplify all the conflicting information out there in the world of health and fitness.

To be a source of training and lifestyle information for the Minimalist Athlete.

So, if you can identify with the ideals above - welcome.

In Strength and Health,