The 2 Best Places to Train

I used to spend a lot of time training in a hardcore dungeon gym back in the day.

At the time, I loved it.

That gym was full of camaraderie and motivation and the guys there had a huge influence on me during a time when I was developing into a man.

It was during those years that I learned about discipline and accountability, about what it meant to train hard and how important it was to take care of your body for a lifetime.

I'll always look back at the memories of that gym and the friends I made there as a life changing experience.

Unfortunately, gyms like that don't exist on every street corner, and the state of most commercial gyms these days is nothing like my experience.

Walk into a commercial gym today and you'll find guys flexing their abs in the mirror, glaring at each other like they want to fight and spending more texting then actually lifting.

You'll see girls seemingly taking part in a contest to see who can wear the least amount of clothing while snapping pictures of their butt in the mirror.

It's a scene.

Sadly, you won't find the older guys mentoring the younger guys on how to train.

You won't see guys shooting the shit, talking about life and busting each other's chops.

And you won't see guys pushing each other to be better, cheering each other's lifts or helping each other out.

It's an "every man for himself, stay off my bench and I have my headphones in so don't talk to me" environment.

That's not a place you want to spend time training, that level of narcissism and negativity is toxic.

If you have access to a great gym like I did when I was younger, it's invaluable.

That type of environment will accelerate your results in the gym and shape the way you live your life outside of it.

Find a gym like that and it's worth the price of admission.

You should spend as much time there as possible.

But if you're like most people and only have access to a typical commercial gym, you're better off finding other training options.


Training outside is my favorite and at least half of my training sessions are at the park around the corner from my apartment.

That's the great thing about training with kettlebells, you can train anywhere you want and build strength and muscle while burning a ton of fat with just a single kettlebell.

You're not anchored to machines and a bunch of equipment.

It's just you, your kettlebell, the fresh air and sunlight.

You get away from all the distractions of the world and get some quiet time to train and improve yourself.

So grab a kettlebell, head out to your backyard or the park and enjoy the process of building your strength, health and athleticism while getting some fresh air and sun.

Courage Corner

In the Russian military, units refer to their "gym" as a courage corner.

The courage corner is a small, bare bones dungeon filled with only kettlebells and the desire to build strength, power and conditioning. 

The simplicity of the courage corner allows you to focus solely on the work.

You don't worry about programming 30 different exercises on 10 different machines.

It's just you and a couple kettlebells.

So you swing, squat, clean, press, jerk, snatch and get up.

You crank up the music and you train hard.

You develop yourself, your mind and your body.

That's the beauty of the courage corner and why you need one.

Whether it's a spare bedroom or your garage, you need a space with enough room to swing your kettlebells and work hard.

A place where, once you enter, you know it's time to get to work.

Wrapping Up

I loved going to the gym and training just as much as the next guy.

But the reality is, today's gym setting isn't a great environment for training hard and developing your strength, health and athleticism.

If you don't have access to a gym that fires you up and pushes you to be better, find other options.

With kettlebells, you can literally train anywhere you want.

Start training outside more when the weather allows for it.

The fresh air, sun and solitude of training outside will have a dramatic impact on your strength and health, both physically and mentally. 

And when you can't train outside, train in your courage corner.

Just you, your kettlebells and your work ethic, simple and effective.

Wherever you decide to train, just make sure you're training hard.

In Strength and Health,