Breaking Down the Push Press

The push press is basically a ballistic version of the press, where you'll use your legs to get the bell started.

Utilizing leg drive to start the push press allows you to use heavier bells than you would normally be able to press.

This makes it a fantastic lift for building full body strength and power and a great way to build up to a stronger press.

The Push Press

  • 1
    Clean a kettlebell into the rack position - your wrist should be neutral, legs locked out, glutes squeezed, abs braced and your shoulders pulled down.
  • 2
    Keeping your torso upright, dip into a quarter squat and quickly stand up, using leg drive to get the bell started upward.
  • 3
    As you drive up with your legs, lock them out and press the kettlebell up to lockout.
  • 4
    At lockout, your upper arm should be behind your ear, legs locked out, glutes squeezed and your abs braced.
  • 5
    Use your lat to actively pull the kettlebell back down into the rack position. Imagine doing a one arm pull up.

An easy way to remember the push press is to think, dip and drive.

Dip into a quarter squat then use leg drive to get the bell started and press it up to lockout.

The push press is a fun lift to train and a great way to add some power work into your training for faster fat loss and strength gains.

Grab a heavy bell and dip and drive!

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