Breaking Down the 1 Arm Swing

Once you've mastered the 2 hand swing, it's time to learn the 1 arm swing.

The 1 arm swing is great movement that works your abs and obliques as much as it does your legs, hips and back.

Learning the 1 arm swing also opens up your training options quite a bit.

Your training menu can now include complexes and chains, which is like adding rocket fuel to your muscle building, fat burning workouts.

The 1 Arm Swing

  • 1
    Set up the same as the 2 hand swing, except with 1 hand on the kettlebell.
  • 2
    Take in a big sniff of air and hike the bell high into the groin.
  • 3
    Drive your heels into the ground and snap up into a standing plank.
  • 4
    Pull your kneecaps up to lock out your legs, squeeze your glutes, brace your abs and pull your shoulder blades back and down.
  • 5
    Keep your shoulders square, don't let the bell pull you forward.
  • 6
    Keep your arm relaxed, your hips drive and your arm guides.
  • 7
    Maintain the standing plank position as the bell comes to a float at the top of the swing.
  • 8
    As the bell falls, guide it back into the hike position.
  • 9
    Make sure the handle stays above your knees, keeping the bell high in your groin.
  • 10
    The hand without the kettlebell should mirror the working arm.

The Hand to Hand Swing

  • 1
    1 arm swin‚Äčg with a switch at the top of each repetition.
  • 2
    Make sure to switch hands on the upswing so you don't lose control of the bell.

The 1 arm swing is built on the foundation of a strong 2 hand swing.

Master the 2 hand swing and the 1 arm swing will be much easier to learn.

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