An Hour a Day

An hour a day to optimize your strength and health.

That's all you need to commit to.

It only takes 15 minutes to keep your joints healthy.

First thing in the morning, get up and do it.

In 30 minutes you can get a great kettlebell workout in.

On the days you don't lift, go for a 30 minute walk.

With the other 15 minutes you have each day, do some relaxed stretching.

If you're working on the computer or watching TV before bed, get on the floor and just hang out in a stretch.

That's all it takes.

Everything your body needs to perform physically at a high level can be accomplished in an hour a day.

If it takes you more than an hour, you're probably inefficient.

If you can't find an hour to invest, you're in trouble.

There is one catch though, you have to be consistent.

Killing yourself for 5 hours on Saturday doesn't make up for not doing anything all week.

So, every day work at it.

Every day do something to improve yourself.

Every day invest an hour into your body.

It'll pay off, I promise.

In Strength and Health,