A Simple Saturday Workout

Saturday is my favorite day to get in a good training session.

So before you get busy with the weekend, take 45 minutes to improve your strength, health and performance. 

I'm going to take my bell to the park to hit this simple workout today - I hope you do the same.

Start off with 10-15 minutes of joint mobility work to warm up.

Make sure to hit all of your joints, spending extra time on the shoulders, hips and spine.

Once you're warmed up and the body is feeling good, it's time to get to work.

Using a moderately heavy bell (I've got my 24kg today) we're going to be doing 1 arm swings.

Set a timer for 20 minutes and hit 5 swings on the left and 5 swings on the right.

Park the bell and shake the tension out of your body.

Take about 30-45s of rest and repeat another 5 and 5.

Do as many sets as possible in 20 minutes.

Rest as much as needed but as little as possible between sets.

Every swing should be perfect - deep hinge on the backswing and an explosive hip snap.

If you start to lose power, take longer rest between sets.

If your form starts to deteriorate before the 20 minutes is up, the workout is over.

Quality over quantity.

Get the most out of this workout by doing fewer swings, but doing them better.

Don't waste this Saturday by sitting around watching TV.

Get outside, get some sun and swing a kettlebell.‚Äč

In Strength and Health,