3 Ways to Burn Fat With Kettlebells

When it comes to burning maximum fat in minimal time, there's nothing better than kettlebell training.

Properly programmed, kettlebells have an uncanny ability to torch body fat and replace it with just the right amount of muscle in all the right places.

Coupled with proper nutrition, you can get in the best shape of your life with a few 25 minute workouts per week.

Why Are Kettlebells So Special?

The design of the kettlebell allows you to quickly and easily transition from movement to movement, enabling you to get creative with your programming.

It also allows you to safely train explosive movements like the swing, clean, snatch, push press and jerk, which burn a ton of calories.

The biggest reason kettlebell training is so effective for fat loss is because of it's versatility.

With a single kettlebell and 20 minutes, you can build strength and power, improve mobility and torch body fat.

Simple and efficient, the kettlebell is the one stop shop for strength, health and performance.

So that leads us to the question....

 How do i burn fat with Kettlebells?

There are 3 different ways you can program your kettlebell training for maximum fat loss.

1. Strength Circuits

A strength circuit is a great way to practice new kettlebell movements while also getting a great fat burning workout.

Simply pick 2-6 exercises that you want to train and perform them in a circuit fashion using a relatively heavy weight and lower reps.

You'll perform one exercise, rest briefly, then perform the next one. Do this until you finish the entire circuit, where you can take a slightly longer rest if necessary.

You're not trying to go as fast as you can, you're trying to perform perfect reps and get some high quality strength work in.

The fat burning effect comes from performing high quality work for a sustained period of time with a heavy weight.

The workout can last anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on how many movements you're training.

2. Kettlebell Complexes

Kettlebell complexes are my favorite way to train for building muscle and burning fat.

Complexes jack your heart rate up, get your lungs screaming for air and your muscles burning with fury.

In a kettlebell complex, you'll perform multiple movements, one after the other, without putting the kettlebells down.

An example would be Double Clean x5 + Double Press x5 + Double Front Squat x5.

You'll do 5 double cleans, then 5 double presses and finally 5 double front squats - all without setting the bells down.

Do as many good sets of that as you can in 25 minutes and you'll be begging for it to be over.

Just training kettlebell complexes 3-4 days per week is enough to quickly and radically transform your body.

3. Kettlebell Chains

A kettlebell chain is a slight twist on complexes.

In the example complex we did 5 double cleans, then 5 double presses, then 5 double front squats.

To perform the same workout as a chain, you'll do 1 double clean, 1 double press then 1 double front squat - and you'll do that 5 times before setting the bells down.

The difference between complexes and chains is that complexes localize the pain, chains spread it out over your entire body.

Regardless of your preference, body fat doesn't stand a chance.

Wrapping Up

With strength circuits, complexes and chains you have everything you need to burn fat with kettlebells.

The only thing you have to do now is put in the work.

Stay consistent with your kettlebell training and you'll build a lean, strong, athletic body in no time.

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