3 Power Moves for Faster Fat Loss

I love training explosively.

Swinging a kettlebell around just makes you feel strong, powerful and athletic.

Plus, kettlebell power exercises recruit every muscle in your body and burn a ton of calories in minimal time.

That's why training with a kettlebell is the best way to burn fat and build strength and muscle.

Here are 3 fundamental kettlebell power moves for you to learn, if you want to build strength and burn fat fast.

The Swing

Your introduction to kettlebell training was probably via the 2 hand swing.

The swing is considered the center of the kettlebell universe, all of the other lifts are built off the foundation of a solid swing.

Relying mostly on the glutes and hamstrings, the swing teaches you how to use your lower body explosively, like an athlete.

And it'll jack up heart rate while making you lean, strong and athletic.

In fact, Dan John has famously said "the kettlebell swing is a fat burning, athlete builder."

It's first on this list for a reason, master the kettlebell swing before moving on to the other power moves.

The Clean

The clean is usually just seen as a way to get the kettlebell from the ground to the rack so you can press or squat.

While that is the main job of the clean, it also has a ton of value on it's own.

The clean works your hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, arms and your entire back while making your lungs scream.

It also has a tendency to put muscle in all the right places, if you like the whole Greek God look that is.

The Snatch

The snatch is known as the Tsar of the kettlebell lifts and it's one of my favorite lifts to train.

Essentially, the snatch is a swing that ends up overhead, so make sure your 1 arm swing is rock solid before you start training the snatch.

For an explosive lower body, a back and shoulders that are indestructible and lungs that won't quit, the kettlebell snatch answers the call.

The kettlebell ballistics are fun to train.

Power moves like the swing, clean and snatch torch body fat while building strength, muscle and athleticism. 

When you take the time to learn these lifts correctly and train them consistently, you'll become leaner, stronger and more athletic in no time.

In Strength and Health,